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Credibility you can count on

There are a great many "industry" companies that have gone virtual. 


They cite the industry connections that make them important.

But what they don't mention is their connection's success doesn't equal their success

Our ever-expanding services and network find us -

because we're not taking clients that cannot succeed at the level in which we operate 

We offer an initial free consultation because it's an interview that goes two ways: 

1. So you can speak to us personally and understand what we can and cannot do for you; and,

2. So we can determine whether you have a viable product to offer our network 

When you book any service with us, you'll be assigned to a consultant that is best suited for your product.

Our consultants are comprised of an Academy award-nominated Director, screenwriters who have worked on major network series and blockbuster films and producers who have helmed projects from companies noted below.

As of 2020, we broker projects including but not limited to:



Warner Bros.                                                            Paramount 

Artisan Entertainment                                20th Century FOX Television

Summit Entertainment                               SHOWTIME

HBO Home Entertainment                          Magnolia Pictures

Focus Features                                          IFC Films

HBO Max                                                  Village Roadshow

Miramax                                                   Amazon Studios  

United Artists                                            Netflix

New Line Cinema                                       HULU  

Relativity Media                                         Disney+

Dimension Films.                                       Peacock

Roadside Attractions                                  Apple TV+

CBS/Fox Video                                          MGM
STARZ                                                      Universal Pictures


In summary, we will not tell you we can distribute your project or sell your script without having seen it


We don't expect you to retain us that way either.