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Welcome to VineHill Entertainment Consulting and Brokerage's Testimonials page. Below, you'll find just a few of our ever growing list of happy clients. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed working with these great talents and their incredible works!

Dan Eckles - Danforth Productions

By the time our film got to breakdown time, I was cooked. A lot of work (more than I thought) had gone into it and now I needed breakdown and budgeting. Not being one to mess around and being on a tight timeline for our investors I asked the people at VineHill to take over. They were complete, concise and highly detailed. Handed me what I needed in a week!

Ann Barris - Bottom End Films

For five years my script was my baby, an incredible story based on real events. Sadly I hit a wall and for seven months I sat in a room deadlocked with it just not working. I took a chance on VineHill's Edit/Structure service. Kate got me back on track in my format and plot lines and soon had a formulaic masterpiece with some very "fresh eye" edits and restructure. Very pleased!

Jamie Trussot - Bluenose Pictures

Our film took a bit to get moving, but once it did, VineHill made it roll all the way to four festival awards and a great deal! They went to work on our deliverables after we got a great offer and had the whole deal done in a matter of weeks from first contact with a great distributor!

Kari DeLaParra - DLP Productions

“My first film was a complete disaster. I had no clearances for countless copyrights and thought my film was doomed. VineHill believed in my film, so much so that they painstakingly took the time to get us every clearance we needed after the fact to get our film SOLD! There is simply nobody else who would do that and there is nobody better to do it! Highly recommend VineHill Entertainment.”

Louie Lawless - LDL Films Ltd.

“In my 30+ years working in Hollywood, never have I seen an agent or company work this hard getting my products out there. They go above and beyond in every deal and I couldn't be happier. They are currently repping 3 films of mine and I will not be going anywhere else ever! They even help manage our social media and countless tasks they don't even bill for”

Pete Seig - ZeroLux Productions

“We had worked out our own deal and agreement with Alliance Atlantis for our film at Cannes. The problem came when it was time to deliver. We were lost. Alliance suggested we get VineHill to help organize us and get our deliverables together by our deadline. We did, they did, and now we use them every time on every film.”

John Lue - Red Curtain Films

"I had a script that was awesome but it had nowhere to go as I had never had anything I wrote turn into anything real. Then a friend turned me on to VineHill and everything flipped. They gave me a script consultant who helped me rework my film script into a formulaic masterpiece which they quickly sold and is now being made into a major motion picture. I am a true believer!"

Eloise Smith - DennSmith Pictures

“We had been represented by two other agencies for over six years trying to distribute our film. We thought after the film festival circuit and all other avenues exhausted that our film would never get distribution. We tried VineHill as they convinced us that their network would be very interested in our work and finally get it sold. Third time really is the charm! Thanks VineHill!”

Lena Rodriguez - Red Light Podcast

"We needed some serious help with the technical and logistical aspects of setting up our own professional audio and video broadcast stream studio for our already popular shows on another platform. They showed us how to serve our content from our own platform, while also providing every aspect of training and integration turning us pro almost effortlessly. Highly recommend VineHill!"