Distribution Deliverable Essentials for VineHill Entertainment in 2020

Essential Delivery Materials

There are some basic things a filmmaker needs to supply in a film package. 

Many are also overlooked by creators looking to secure their first deal.

You will gain greatly, with distributors and agents alike, by having these secured.


You will save the rep and distributor time and money -

which will let them know you are a serious and conscientious client.

1. Feature film on HDCam or digital file

Original aspect ratio
Native frame rate
5.1 mix
Additional versions: Clean output (no titles), with the DME or the Dialog, Music, Effects master track

2. Key art/Poster art

300 dpi
Bonus: Separated art layers

3. Audio output

Channel 1: 5.1 track: Left
Channel 2: 5.1 track: Right
Channel 3: 5.1 track: Center
Channel 4: 5.1 track: LFE
Channel 5: 5.1 track: Left Surround
Channel 6: 5.1 track: Right Surround
Channels 7+8: Full Mix Stereo L&R
Channels 9+10: M&E Stereo L&R



4×3 pan and scan – does provide additional flexibility for certain outlets, although most now will accept the film letterboxed within a 4×3 frame

Audio Commentary – standard for DVD release, easy enough to do on your own

Closed Captions & Subtitles – you will increase the value of a non-English language film many times over to an non-English speaking distributor – Good production stills and footage is the hallmark of a marketing savvy filmmaker

Social media outlets & web presence (built-in marketing platforms and hooks)

Pre-organized binder of all clearances, releases and music licensing information.

VineHill utilizes our own federally compliant secure servers for all digital materials and digital file transfers so we can easily send a secure link to an interested buyer. Also, our own "VinePlex Vendor Catalog" allows for all buyers globally to peruse our inventory of film and television shows and series anytime 24/7/365.

B. Delivery Material Checklist

A good habit (and one we tell everyone we represent) is to plan your delivery schedule at the very start of the filmmaking process. Ideally, one would assign one person the responsibility of collecting all the appropriate materials.



Check into available grants 

Assess the viability of crowdfunding campaign and initiate, if appropriate

Commence building a social media infrastructure

Consider what pre-production materials might be useful as DVD extras.

For example audition tapes, storyboards, script meetings

All talent agreements must be negotiated and firmly secured with signatures

Capture behind the scenes footage
Get good production stills
Get a video blog going
Collect digital materials for your EPK


Set up your project for ease of output for audio channels during assembly of feature and trailer:
a) Narration
b) DME
c) Music


Save and organize for future use


a) Outtakes/Deleted Scenes
b) Alternative Endings


Confirm all legal materials are in progress or finalized before you finish the edit


a) All talent agreements (promotion & appearances, approval, likeness and image grants)
b) Music cue sheet (with prioritized notes about out-of-content usage)



Press Kit and Marketing Handout Preparation
a) Press clippings
b) Premiere footage
c) Trailer
d) EPK

e) Promotional Clips
f) Continued social media presence


DVD Extras Creation audio commentary
a) Interview footage
b) Casting tapes/story boards/notes on napkins
c) Audio Commentaries


Distribution Preparation
a) Transcript
b) Closed captioning

Delivery Folder Structure

When you option, license (or ‘sell’) your film you will need to supply

a list of legal documents and paperwork to the distributor.

These will include:

Archival Clip Licenses
Cast and Crew Restrictions
Certificate of Authorship
Certificate of Origin
Chain of Title
Credit Items
Literary Materials
MPAA Documentation

Any other Agreements or Documentation pertaining to the product

Drop us an email at: info@vinehillentertainment.com if you have any questions, or would like help putting together your film's package for distributors.


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