Screenwriter Services

At VineHill, we understand screenwriting to a degree not normally found with any other entertainment consultants because some of our staff and VP's around here are screenwriters.


Good ones, too!

They know the ins and outs of the process, pacing, formatting, dialog, and industry markers like formula, plot points, and structure. 
More critically, how they ultimately determine the viability of a story and whether or not it will resonate with audiences.

Everything, ultimately, comes down to the story. 



We guarantee your script will be sold.

How can we do that?

Because if your script isn't sold or optioned by the end of our agreement we will BUY IT for double our fee.

Terms & Conditions

  • Screenplay or teleplay must be pitch ready - This means that we can offer it for sale or option "as is" - Final draft, WGA and copyright registered.

  • In the event it is not pitch ready, you must purchase a Silver Screen 90 subscription prior to qualifying for this offer.


pitch ready package $750 (Three pitches per round)

  • Initial script review.

  • Initial strategy session.

  • Strategy session every round (Each round lasts four months up to twelve months).

  • You retain the rights to your script and can sell/option it on your own at any time without obligation to VineHill Entertainment Inc.

  • Should VineHill Entertainment sell/option the script, an additional five percent of the final sale price is to be paid to VineHill post-sale.



Standard Writing Services

We offer a broad range of screenwriter services not normally found with traditional entertainment consulting companies. We offer our clients four different types of script consulting services.

Full In-Depth Feature Script Analysis $2,200.00

  • Three-Act structural breakdown of plot and primary subplots (expandable to five-act or seven-act)

  • In-depth examination of characters with transformational arc

  • Analysis of theme

  • Personal consultation for two to three hours

  • Includes an audio recording of the consultation

  • Written analysis from six to eight pages


Rewrite Analysis $1,500.00
This option is only available for scripts that have already undergone a Full In-depth Script Analysis.

  • Page by page notes

  • Specific attention is paid to reviewing script problems from the full in-depth analysis

  • Dialogue notes

  • Commentary on format and overall readability of the script

  • Consultation will run between 2-3 hours

  • Includes an audio recording of the session


Professional Script Coverage $450.00
This highly detailed service offers real world sell-ability script evaluation and recommendations by a staff analyst who currently sells scripts to the mainstream. It includes: Comprehensive report and a 1 hour personal phone consultation (with audio recording), covering:

  • Overall structure

  • Transformational arc

  • Plots and subplots

  • Characters & relationships

  • Suggested directions for rewrites

  • Tips for "raising the stakes"

Hourly Consultation rate $325.00
We also offer an hourly rate where our staff will tailor a consulting session to meet your specific writing needs. This may be especially helpful for:

  • The early stages of story development before you begin writing the script

  • Dealing with specific story problems during the writing process

  • Sorting out creative differences between writing partners or between writer and producer

  • Solving script problems during production or in post-production

For more information on these services, or to submit your script for your free consultation, please email or click the BOOK HERE button below to book your consultation.

Script Breakdown Services

Welcome to VineHill Entertainment Consulting and Brokerage's Script Breakdown services page. We offer support for feature films, documentaries, web, and episodic TV series.

Each client will receive a detailed budget, elements report, preliminary schedule and estimated cash flow report derived from their script. 

​Our process:


  1. Email us direct at: and tell us about your script. We will arrange a scheduled booking to discuss our services, pricing structure, and to give you a timeline on the deliverables should you wish to move forward with us. 

  2. Clients will pay our agreed to fee using methods provided and set up a time to speak with two representatives who will be responsible for breaking down the schedule and budget. We'll discuss rebate/incentive options and other budgeting assumptions.

  3. We'll complete the schedule and send it to you for your approval.

  4. Once the schedule is approved, we'll create the budget and send it to you for your feedback and any notes.

  5. We'll then talk on the phone and use a shared computer screen to go over the budget line by line and make any adjustments in real-time. By the end of the call, you will have a concrete understanding of how much will be needed to make the film, how much time it will take and when the money needs to come in so that you can move out of development and into pre-production. 

Start to finish, the breakdown and deliverable process takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks

from the time we've contracted to work together.

Deliverables Include:

  • Complete Budget

  • Complete Shooting Schedule

  • Day out of Days Report

  • Elements Report

  • Cash Flow Report

You should reach out to us when:

  • You have a draft of your script that's ready to be seen by potential partners (Working Draft)

  • You have a good sense of where you’d like to shoot, but need help with rebate strategies

  • You'd like to have more information to entice a producer, EP, or production company to create partnerships that will push your film forward. 

  • You have the capital to create a film, but need to see if it will work at your intended budget level. 

Please keep in mind, having a nearly complete shooting script that you're happy with is of the utmost importance in order to get the best value out of our services. Small things can (and always will) change, but make sure you're happy with the overall plot, locations, and characters before sending your script to us. We want to be sure the tools we create are things you can realistically use when pitching your film.

What does our breakdown service cost?

Our typical fee for a feature film script starts at $2,500.00 - $3,500.00. All other services and prices can be found on our Main Fees page.

Each breakdown will include two edit sessions derived from the same script, if needed. Every script is slightly different and, in some cases, adjustments will be made to account for non-standard scenarios such as extensive visual effects and/or stunt sequencing breakdowns.

Smaller scripts are, of course, also welcome, and prices will vary accordingly. Please refer to our Fees page. If you would like a few different budgets and/or scheduling scenarios, we can build this for you at an additional cost based on our hourly rates, as well.

Scripted TV series breakdowns are also available. We’ll give you a final quote in writing after our initial consultation. 

Ready to get started?

Contact or click the BOOK HERE button below to book your free consultation.

Also be sure to check out our Screenwriter's Resource page for some great free stuff!



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