Welcome to our Screenwriter's Resources page. Here you'll find a number of links, documents and downloads to aid you in your epic screenwriting endeavors.

If you'd like to suggest any other tools, links or information which could help out the community further, feel free to send us an email at info@vinehillentertainment.com with the information you'd like us to add here.

Screenwriter's Resources page

Professional writing software like the industry standard Final Draft is the
ONLY choice (in our opinion) for professional screenwriting software. We

recommend it all the time to new and unsold writers looking for options
when it comes
to selecting a software for the professional screenwriter.

While there are cheaper alternatives out
there (most listed below), we

believe even the novice writer should use a professional grade set of

tools when competing in the tough world of screenwriting as it is today.

That said, we also highly recommend to all our clients (and anyone else

really), the sensational new tool and companion app that has been
designed to work flawlessly
with Final Draft, that is Prewrite. A completely fresh "visual" tool that enables no limits on creativity while adding so many benefits to Final Draft users, that they simply won't use anything else.
Check it out FREE at www.Prewrite.com

While we are fully aware that writers all work differently and have many processes to reach the end goal, we offer here a wide range of other resources that are not specifically recommended for use by VineHill, but are still used and may be beneficial to you as a writer.

We used to recommend Celtx, but since it went from free to a paid model and “browser only” interface, while some like it, we haven’t in all honesty bothered to try the paid version and have not heard any rave reviews from writers "in the know". However, It may be of some use to you, so we've linked it here.

The best completely free app we’ve seen is Trelby, which is a descent stand alone app for Windows and Linux which also may be a viable option for some.

For Mac users, we'd have you look at software like Highland. It’s based on Fountain, a plain text markup language for screenwriting. For more information on Fountain based programs you can, visit here.

Note: If you’re using any cloud software, it’s important to of course always remember to back up your work to your home computer. Never rely on web apps to save your files on any kind of permanent basis!

In summary, here's our 2020 listing of Free and Paid software options that we hope help you get to, "The Final Draft".

Free software

  • Prewrite - Simply the Best professional grade app and companion to Final Draft available

  • Screenplay Formatter – free plugin for Google Docs, tricky to use

  • Trelby – app for Windows or Linux


Paid software


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