How Netflix Plans to Reopen Hollywood

Updated: Jun 4

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos is creating a plan to reopen Hollywood’s film industry after the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic has shut down productions across the world. During the golden era of streaming and entertainment, the virus shut down all productions. Now, Netflix’s CEO is working on the way to get production back to work as safely as possible.

“While we will need to change this process — in some cases dramatically — to ensure the safety of cast and crew during this pandemic, the closed nature of sets also offers some advantages,” Sarandos wrote Monday in an op-ed published in the Los Angeles Times. “Not least that they provide a relatively controlled environment, where we can track who comes and goes.”

Netflix’s international growth has allowed the company to pivot, especially in a crisis. Netflix has started production in South Korea, Iceland, and Japan. Filming in Sweden and Norway is set to resume in July.

Netflix is setting up precautions for each production. There will be increased security monitoring the number of people on the set, boxed lunches, and prohibiting ride shares to set. ‘Love and Anarchy’ films in Sweden. The cast and crew have volunteered to self-quarantine for 14 days before working on the show.

In relevant news, Tyler Perry Studios is reopening. A studio spokesperson told GBPNews the studio would open in a limited capacity. Changes to the studio include temporary on-site housing for production crews and staff.

Earlier this week, a special meeting of the Fort McPherson Board of Directors was called, and a resolution was passed to lease a portion of the property to create temporary housing on the Tyler Perry Studio campus.

“The goal of resolution and agreement is to make sure that the talented staff and crews can be housed safely while getting people back to work during this unprecedented financial and health-related crisis,” Fort Mac spokesman Mark Hayes said.


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