At VineHill Entertainment we absolutely understand that there is a very large group of companies and individuals seeking access to the world of mainstream North American Entertainment from almost everywhere else on Earth.

As so many have learned who have tried, this industry has been traditionally closed off to all outside sources for many reasons. Most prominently, sweeping cultural differences which change the storytelling formats for mainstream media for North American audiences are accustomed to, as well as many legal issues which all too often come into play from region to region.

For these companies and individuals that are based outside of the North American region, VineHill Entertainment has recognized and identified this need and has assembled a team to give these brands and creatives the inside track into Hollywood.

There are three main areas of interest when it comes to these markets and access to this industry and we handle them all.

Film & Television Products

For completed film and television content, we will evaluate your product and advise whether it would be more suitable to be sold directly for distribution as is (given changing market conditions), or whether to explore pitching it specifically for a remake by a North American studio capitalizing on that recent and growing trend.

Fresh Scripts and Treatments

We fully recognize and appreciate the incredible creative works of screenwriters all over the world and as such have brought "all guns to bare" to offer these incredible talents the opportunity to participate and directly operate in the mainstream Hollywood marketplace on a regular basis.

Product Placements

Traditionally, even given the expansive, versatile and limitless nature of genres and settings in North American Film and Television features and series, the opportunity for product placement for worldwide markets has been literally endless. It has however sadly, remained largely unexplored which is why we're now offering services specifically designed to facilitate these opportunities for our clients.

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