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Welcome to VineHill Entertainment Consulting and Brokerage's Feature Film Distribution Services page. In the interest of transparency and integrity, it is important to us that we clearly differentiate ourselves from other online or offline "distribution entities" operating in these markets today. We believe the best way for us to do that is to simply state what we ARE versus what we are NOT.


We are a company of professional consultant experts operating since September of 2008. We are comprised of mainstream studio veterans in the film & television industry who have credits you know well. The majority of our experience based in the very heart of production.

Operating within soundstages and sets for decades, our founding team has a combined 85 years of production experience between them. We use our well-established contacts within major studio and television distribution and put that to work for you.

We launched VineHill and began to offer the mainstream distribution channels never before available access to quality content from the wide-ranging independent film and television markets and offered those projects in a way they could seamlessly integrate with their own.

Soon, we were inundated with submissions from filmmakers all over North America with products looking for homes. Supplying the mainstream industry with quality original works and delivering those products regularly, offering a fast and easy way for those distributors and studios to acquire product in a fast, efficient manner, which allowed us to make our mark and expand.

Since then, we have continued to grow within the industry while expanding our services to include screenwriters in 2012, podcasters in 2014, live streamers in 2016 and have made the move to operate exclusively via the internet in 2019.

We represent our client's Feature Films, Indie Films, Documentaries, Television Shows/Series, Web Series, Film or Television Scripts, among other projects, for sale or option to mainstream distributors.


We have found homes for our client's projects with distributors such as Warner Bros. Distribution, Universal Pictures Distribution, Paramount Pictures Distribution, Focus Features, ORION Releasing, 20th Century Fox, FOX Searchlight, MGM, SONY Pictures Distribution, Alliance Atlantis, Gravitas Ventures, Magnolia Films, IFC Films, Walt Disney Pictures, United Artists Distribution, Summit Pictures Releasing, Columbia Pictures, TRISTAR Pictures Releasing, Amazon Studios Releasing, Netflix and a number of other VIACOM companies and corporations.

For Television, we have and continue to deal directly with NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, USA Network, Paramount Network, UNIVISION, NatGeo, Travel Channel, SyFy, HGTV, The CW, TBS, The WB, TNT, ION, IFC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, TLC, A&E, Food Network, FX, FX Movie Channel and Bravo.


We offer a completely upfront fee schedule for all our varied services and only a 3-5% back-end percentage on a very few of our select top tier services.


We are not a no-name web aggregator or fledgling streaming platform. We do not charge money upfront and then pad in additional and, in some cases, ever-changing back-end fees and percentages only to throw your work on an obscure website selling closed pay per view or VOD, leaving you to do all the work and bear the expense of marketing your film and "sharing the link".

We are not former indie filmmakers who couldn't get distribution or success in the mainstream so we thought we'd open our own web platform with no marketing budgets or support for our clients.

We are not self-distributors or spammy free traffic share platforms or some membership-based prime video direct who will let you upload anything because, "somebody will watch it... right?" or "It's all good, we just want ad traffic."

If you think you're ready for what we are, or are an established talent seeking a better way to get your projects out there, feel free to email us at: info@vinehillentertainment.com or click the BOOK HERE button below and book your free consultation and we'll be happy to discuss how we might best serve you and your amazing work!

Independent film distribution Services


The global independent film markets have exploded in recent years. Due, in no small part, to technological advances and the ability to deliver content in industry-standard formats easily and for a very low cost. Independent production has increased so much in the North American region that we've hired extra staff just to process the influx of incredible works for our consideration.

We are professional consultants "in the know" when it comes to Independent film.


We all remember our film school days and taking our thesis masterpiece to the local university theater or local film festival just knowing we were the next Spielberg - even if no one else knew it yet!

We remember well our roots and believe that each and every independent filmmaker and screenwriter deserves nothing but our best.


Our best is having your best interests in mind, giving special consideration to the nuances newly minted filmmakers may overlook when dealing with the distribution, option, or sale of your work.


We are committed to ensuring that no client is taken advantage of. 

We are so committed that we put it in writing, right here.

Feel free to email info@vinehillentertainment.com or click the BOOK HERE button and book a free consultation and we'll be happy to discuss how we might best serve you and your amazing work!

VineHill Entertainment has actually been involved in mainstream television since the days of The Beverly Hillbillies, so you can rest assured that when it comes to television consulting services, we've more than got you covered.

VineHill Television Consulting Services include the following specializations.

  • Unscripted TV Property Development

  • Scripted TV Property Development

  • Film, Television, and Documentary Content Creation

  • Script Consulting

  • Writing

  • Technical Advising

  • Online content production consultation

  • Corporate Branding [Logo] Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Facility and Studio Design

  • Facility workflows and streamlining

  • Production consultants

  • Logo/brand development for entertainment companies

  • Feature Film & TV Screenwriting/Short Format Narrative

Please see the VineHill Fees page for categorized pricing.

For more information about VineHill's capabilities or creative consulting services, please drop us an email to: info@vinehillentertainment.com or click the BOOK HERE button below to book your free consultation.

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