VHHR232 - FTDS001

Job Title: Film & Television Buyer

Film & Television Distribution Specialist

Reports To

The Film & Television Distribution Specialist will report directly to VP of Film & Television Operations for VineHill Entertainment.

Job Overview

At VineHill Entertainment, we have Clients and Customers. Clients come to us with finished feature films, television series, untested series pilots, reality shows, MOW’s, documentaries and other types of completed entertainment product, as well as fully developed IP and drafted scripts of every kind for all of the above.

Customers come to us seeking to fill their now endless content needs for an ever growing number of platforms and open-ended programming schedules from traditional film release and broadcast television shows to 24/7 streamers of now mainstream movies and series.

You will be joining a team of entertainment industry professionals with decades of experience. You will take and make numerous calls per day from major studios, producers, distribution companies and streaming outlets all seeking content and IP.

Responsibilities and Duties

As a film & television distribution specialist for VineHill Entertainment, you will be required to fulfill the following responsibilities and perform the following duties:

  • Maintain a private and professional virtual home office

  • Maintain all proprietary and privileged information per NDA

  • Seek and promote VineHill’s interest throughout the North American market

  • Seek and promote VineHill’s interest throughout the international market (Int’l Div only)

  • Utilize and maintain only company granted eMail and team communications for VineHill business and not utilize any non-approved accounts for VineHill business

  • Be available for weekly team meetings and meetings on demand (with reasonable lead time)

  • Keep a separate and secure filing system for all VineHill contracts and business available to VineHill officers upon request

  • Maintain a professional and discreet social media presence while working for VineHill




This is our list of preferred qualifications that are necessary for someone to fill and maintain this full time position effectively and successfully.


The successful applicant will possess a minimum of three years buying or selling film & television product to or for the mainstream entertainment industry.


            Work well on your own as well as function within our team (often virtually).


There are no specific education requirements for this position however; preferences will be given to those with at least some post-secondary education.


Specific skills: High level of professionalism, excellent phone skills, email diligence (requires checking it several times per day or have instant notifications enabled), basic contract preparation for clients from standardized company templates provided and representation of your clients interests throughout the acquisition process.


The position may involve limited travel and attendance at trade shows, conventions and movie premieres.


            There are no special certifications, affiliations or licenses required for this position.

                There are no specific or required physical abilities for this position.




Salary & Benefits

As a film & television distribution specialist for VineHill Entertainment, you will be working on a probationary basis for the first six months.


During this time, you will work as a 1099 contractor and receive compensation in the amount of 50% of collected client fees plus 1% of the backend sale price.


After the six month period, you may be asked to join our staff as a salaried employee with all commensurate benefits.

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