VineHill Entertainment Consulting and Brokerage is a top tier representation and consulting company for Film, Television, Screenwriters and Digital Content Creators. We also provide comprehensive clearances in the form of complete research, reports and attorney opinion letters that greatly reduce the risk of legal exposure or project delay for the film and television industry.

VineHill serves clients in the U.S. and Canada, and all types of media such as feature films, television shows and series, web series, video games, scripts, print and e-publishing, and even spoken word.


We’ve seen just about everything that can go wrong between pre-production and distribution, so we have the experience to protect your project.

We’re here to help you understand the process and to handle whatever clearance procedures your project requires.

We work with clients all over North America and because we’ve handled projects distributing specifically in the North American region for decades, our expertise is both broad and versatile.


Clearance is the process of securing all rights required to distribute a motion picture, television program or series, or other media project. VineHill specializes in research and the procurement of these licenses and rights for our clients.


Clearance guarantees the success of your movie, television series, video game, or print project because it reduces the likelihood of legal issues arising during the production and distribution phase.


Clients who are involved in the creation of film, television, video game, internet, DVD, and print projects benefit from our services. Specifically, we provide:


Whether you need just one document or a complete clearance package, we’ll put our thorough experience to work for you to ensure your project remains clear of legal exposure.


Title reports are a vital part of the clearance process because they are a required deliverable for Errors &Omissions Insurance and distribution—and because they help you avoid trademark infringement.


A title report is a comprehensive search for all prior uses of the same or similar titles used in films, television shows, or other multimedia projects. The report documents any found that are registered and unregistered prior use of your title so you know whether you need to make changes.


Failing to obtain a script clearance report for your film, television show, or video game project could result in legal exposure, avoidable downtime, and lost revenue.


Easy to miss mistakes made in production can lead to rewrites, reshoots, and costly post-production expenditures. Save yourself the headache and expense by entering production with the right information at your fingertips.

Script clearance reports break down your script to identify any elements that could cause potential legal conflict including business names, character names, product names, organizations, locations, defamatory references, racial slurs, artwork, music, film clips, dialogue, props, identifiable personalities, and the use of protected material in the form of copyrights or trademarks.

VineHill provides a scene-by-scene breakdown of your script, giving you easy access to the clearance issues that arise in each scene. Additionally, the script clearance report provides you with the contact information, when available, that you’ll need to obtain rights to use products, business names, etc.


A script clearance report also provides the information needed to satisfy your E&O carrier and alerts the producer to areas of possible legal exposure. Our experienced team of researchers will compile your report and an experienced entertainment attorney will review and revise your report prior to delivery.


A film title opinion will help you avoid trademark infringement, with legal advice and research, to cement your claim to a title. VineHill offers fast, comprehensive service and industry experience to deliver the information your E&O carrier requires.

If your title leads to any possible trademark or common law infringement, our expert legal team will find out and deliver the details with our fast turnaround time—potentially saving you steep legal fees or the title itself.


Your E&O carrier or distributor will utilize our findings in underwriting your policy, so it’s important to have a team of attorneys you trust to handle the research.


VineHill understands how vital it is for you to document the correct ownership of the copyright in your film or television project. Our fast and comprehensive copyright report eliminates delays in the E&O underwriting process and ensures no one else can make a claim to your hard work.

Documenting the correct ownership of any copyrighted material in your film, television, or other project helps ensure you and your distributor avoid legal fees and unwanted claims on your work. Our experts research the rights involved and provide our findings in an easy-to-read format along with advice to ensure your ownership.


Film Chain of Title involves securing the necessary contributor waivers, assignments and licenses and ensures proper transfer of copyright.


It is vital to the success of your film or television project.


Let VineHill help you determine the validity of all of your important chain of title documents and reduce the risk of legal exposure. If you don’t own every piece of your project, no one will distribute it.

It is absolutely crucial that every person who contributes to your project has properly assigned, transferred, or otherwise waived his or her contribution rights. Even your crew deal memos must contain the proper language to satisfy your distributor and E&O carrier.  Film chain of title issues is the number one cause for a project to be shelved.

Chain of title documents include, but are not limited to, your operating agreement/bylaws, any copyright registrations or assignments, above the line agreements, below the line agreements, licenses, waivers, assignments of stock footage, stills, product placement, artwork, and any other items requiring clearance. 


Anyone who has contributed to the project must have signed over the appropriate rights in order for you to distribute your film, television series, or other project.


For film, television, or video game projects, et al., that require the full treatment—research, reports, procuring licenses, and attorney opinion letters—VineHill provides a range of clearance packages to suit your venture’s specific needs.



  • US & Canada Title Report

  • U.S. & Canada Title Opinion

  • US & Canada Copyright Report



  • Script Clearance Report (up to 100 pages)

  • U.S. and Canada Title Report

  • U.S. and Canada Title Opinion

  • U.S. and Canada Copyright Report



  • Script Clearance Report (up to 140 pages)

  • Title Report

  • Title Report update for E&O

  • Title legal opinion

  • Copyright Report

  • Chain-of-title review and legal opinion

  • Legal Review of Clearance Procedures

Utilize our experienced team to acquire the information and reports vital to your project’s success like title reports and script clearance, chain of title opinions, and legal review of clearance procedures.

Guiding the rights acquisition and protection of your project through a proactive approach not only saves you time and protects your project from the shelf, but also saves you from losing money on unnecessary

future legal battles and fees.

If you need help with your clearances, you can drop us an email at: or click the BOOK HERE button below to book your free consultation and we'll get to work securing your project right away!



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