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VineHill Entertainment Consulting and Brokerage is an entertainment consulting firm that has been delivering representation and distribution services to our client's products and talents since 2008. We offer an impressive array of top tier entertainment consulting services that are completely customizable. Got the next big thing? Let's make it happen! Visit the VHE Booking page to book your free initial consultation!

As an entertainment consulting company, we have always operated with any potential client under an assumed blanket Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you need a hand signed NDA before you send your materials to us, that's not an issue. After you have booked your consultation, we'll contact you to request your materials to review prior to our meeting. Simply include your NDA form in a reply and we'll sign and send back so you have it before we meet to discuss your project.

VineHill Entertainment proudly supports and highly recommends our
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VineHill Entertainment is now offering a 5% discount on all services (except Silver Screen 90 and our Pitch Ready Package) to ANY Prewrite Premium subscriber.


Revolutionizing entertainment acquisitions by bringing our client's quality to the industry and industry quality to our clients.

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